Tenebris Underground Research Group

The Tenebris Underground Research Group was formed in 2018 in connection with a study of several alpine-type karst areas in Bulgaria. The group is led by Nikolay Zlatkov, a speleology instructor at EMKGI and a technical cave diver. The group became especially active during the 2021 season when we successfully managed to enter the underground river system of the “M” cave in Bulgaria. As a result the group received full funding and logistical support from EMKGI for the next five years, with several dozen expeditions planned until 2025.

Team A of the Tenebris Group, just before an exploration push, January 2022

The main members of the Tenebris Underground Research Group:

  • Nikolai Zlatkov – Team leader. EMKGI speleology instructor, technical cave diver.
  • Ivo Kalushev – speleology instructor (NSS, EMKGI), cave rescue and technical cave diving instructor, leader of the ATI Cave Exploration Team.
  • Decho Vasilev – speleologist, EMKGI
  • Dr. Krum Stanev, PhD – geologist and speleologist, EMKGI
  • Ivailo Ivanov, LL. M., M. I.L. E.– speleologist and co-founder of EMKGI
  • Daniela Sampson, PhD – hydrogeologist MIT, associate, EMKGI
  • James Staton Jr., PhD – hydrogeologist MIT, associate, EMKGI
  • Plamen Statev – speleologist, technical cave diver
  • Alexander Makulev – junior speleologist, mascot of our team 🙂

Associated international members (participation in at least 2 expeditions):

  • John Perkins, USA
  • Natalie Moulin, France
  • Kostas Sorrel, USA