Our Principles and Phylosophy

Aragonite Crystals in the W22 system, picture: Nikolay Zlatkov, 2022г.

Cave conservation and information handling

One thing distinguishes our research teams and the Martel Club from most speleological organizations and cave clubs – we only work on projects that are fully financially and logistically secured from the beginning and at the same time do not publicly disclose information about newly discovered caves and sites we explore. This, of course, is not popular and it is understandable that not everyone likes it. Some see this approach as selfish and very arrogant. However, the truth is that in the last 30 years, huge unique cave systems on three continents have been discovered and studied, and we have managed to preserve these caves to this day in the form in which they have been from time immemorial. The price of foreign misunderstanding that we pay for this approach is worth it, and it is this philosophy that has attracted all the necessary financial support, which currently allows us to continue our work in Mexico, Europe and Bulgaria. Everyone who joins the ATI Cave Exploration Team and the Tenebris Underground Research Group makes a serious commitment to fight with all their might to preserve and conserve the underworld in its purest form, as untouched as possible. This builds flourishing friendships and allows for experiences that are almost non-existent in our world.
Prehistoric human remains in Y21, approximately 13 000 old.

Standards and Qualifications

In order for the above to happen successfully, and in order for our scientific work underground and underwater to meet the necessary standards, the requirements for the participants in our teams are high. The training that each candidate member of the club undergoes includes everything from the standard training in Speleology and SRT (vertical speleology) to the acquisition of specialized qualifications in a number of disciplines, such as cave diving, archeology, hydrogeology, general geology and some specific skills related to the exploration and conservation of new caves. This training takes years and takes place almost entirely in caves that have been discovered and explored by us, and whose existence and location are not publicly known. You can learn more about our training by clicking HERE.